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Discover Why Most People FAIL on Keto

PLUS: The Guaranteed KETO SOLUTION to
Burn 12-20 LBS of Pure Fat in Your First 28 Days

While Enjoying MORE Delicious Meals and
Spending 75% LESS Time in the Kitchen!

Congratulations on your decision to invest in Keto Breads!

You’re going to LOVE these breads…

You will also be thrilled to enjoy your favorite comfort foods – without worrying about your waistline!

I also want to congratulate you on your interest in the Ketogenic Diet.

There’s no faster or better way to burn fat and achieve your optimal health!

But it would be dishonest, if I did not also WARN you about…


You’re About to Discover Why
Up to 95% of People FAIL on Keto

PLUS –> The #1 Hidden TRUTH that
Will Make (or Break) Your Success!

As you know, the popularity of keto is exploding…

  • Celebrities are “going keto” to prepare for movie roles
  • Professional athletes use it boost physical performance
  • Silicon Valley millionaires use it to gain a mental edge
  • Doctors recommend it to treat Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Type 2 diabetes…

And millions of everyday people are going keto to burn fat faster than ever before!

Keto is the #1 Hottest Health & Diet Trend
For a Very Good Reason… Because it Works!

One of the most profound benefits of “nutritional ketosis” is that…

Between-meal cravings nearly vanish… while fat burning goes into overdrive!

A metabolic ward study showed that when obese men followed keto (compared to other diets) – they ate less foodexperienced less hungerhad fewer cravings… and achieved 46% greater weight loss![1]

Brain scientist, Dr. Cherubino Di Lorenzo, calls ketosis: “The body’s own biochemical liposuction.”

What could be better than feeling full and satisfied… never hungry.

And yet every week your body gets leaner and closer to your ideal physique.

At the same time, your brain becomes sharper… you have more energy… and the aches and pains that used to slow you down simply vanish.

Realizing you can THRIVE on less food – and still feel GREAT – is like discovering a superpower!

These are Results People Rave About on Keto…
And the Benefits Don’t End with Fat Loss!

The PURE Study of more than 135,000 adults showed that a healthy-fat-fueled life promotes longevity –while high-carb diets are linked to 25% increased risk of early death! [2]

A European study states: “Ketogenic diets could have a therapeutic role in numerous diseases. [3]

And strong evidence is emerging that keto can help reverse diabetesbeat heart diseasefight cancerquell inflammation… and build a better brain! [4][5][6]

It can even help eliminate acnecure migrainesheal PCOSrestore healthy digestioncurtail seizures… and so much more! [7][8]

It’s no wonder why growing numbers of doctors and health experts recommend keto.

In fact, please consider…

What Two of the Greatest Minds in
Natural Health Have to Say about Keto…

There’s a good chance you know the names of Dr. Joseph Mercola and former endurance athlete Mark Sisson. You may have even read their books and articles.

These two experts are revered because they practice what they preach. They’re trusted because they are not afraid to question their own previously held beliefs… and because their recommendations are always backed by science.

So, please consider what they have to say about keto:

“The ketogenic diet could represent the greatest breakthrough in nutritional science and the healthiest and most effective weight loss strategy ever.”

Mark Sisson
Author & Nutritional Researcher

“A well-programmed, nutrient-rich, ketogenic diet may be one of the single best interventions someone can follow to improve their health.

Dr. Joe Mercola
Pioneer of the Science-Based
Natural Health Movement

There’s no beating around the bush in these two quotes…

If your goal is to achieve healthy longevity – defined as the number of years you live an active, independent and disease-free life…

And you want to achieve your ideal body as fast as possible, with the least effort.

KETO is the BEST dietary strategy you can follow!

But there’s a BIG PROBLEM with keto very few people talk about…

Discover The Dark Side of Keto and the…
Hidden TRUTH that Will Make (or Break) Your Success!

Thousands of promoters tout the benefits of keto.

Those benefits are real.

You will also hear amazing success stories.

Those success stories are also very real – including profound fat loss, disappearing health concerns, better cognition and abundant energy.

But what you do not hear is how many people FAIL on keto.

The “dirty secret” about keto is the very high rate of attrition.

You don’t often hear about the people who…

  • Grow tired of eating the same foods over and over and quit
  • Give up after crashing on the “Keto Flu”
  • Don’t have time to plan, cook and prepare keto meals

And you definitely don’t hear about the people who actually GAIN WEIGHT on keto!

The Ketogenic Diet is Easy to Understand
And HARD to Put into Practice!

Not long ago, we surveyed our readers about their experiences on keto.

The GREAT news is that 100% of people who achieved ketosis reported significant positive benefits.

The BAD news is that 95% who tried keto could not sustain it longer than a few weeks!

You see, most people who “try keto” know how it works.

You eat a diet that is…

  • Rich in healthy fats
  • Moderate in protein and
  • Very low in carbs.

Yet, despite this basic understanding… they don’t have a PLAN!

You Can’t Just Add Butter to Your Coffee
And Hope for the Best – You Need a PLAN!

Going keto “the right way” requires a strategic plan – including delicious meals, easy recipes, detailed shopping lists and done-for-you macronutrient tracking.

Without a well-programmed plan, statistics suggest you will not succeed.

The great news is that when you do have these simple tools…

Keto can be EASY!

Reaching your most coveted health and fat loss goals can be as simple as painting by numbers.

And in a moment, I will show you…

The Proven Solution for
Going Keto the RIGHT WAY!

You are about to discover a guaranteed solution for the keto diet that will help you:

  • Burn 12-20 LBS of Pure Fat in Your First 28 days
  • Spend 75% Less Time in the Kitchen (and the Store) than You Do Today
  • Follow a 100% Ketogenic Diet – and Still Enjoy ALL the Foods You Love!

Even if your goals have nothing to do with weight loss – the profound benefits of nutritional ketosis are more than worth it.

You will enjoy more energy… better sleep… fewer aches and pains… greater mental clarity… lower disease risk… and better health than you may have experienced in years!

On a well-programmed plan some people achieve ketosis in a matter of days.

And it can happen for you – if you commit to doing it the right way.

You won’t believe how easy (and delicious) it can be!

But first, it’s important you understand…

The Most Common Mistakes and
Four Reasons Why People Fail on Keto…

The MOST common reason people “fall off the keto wagon” is they cannot give up their favorite comfort foods

They stick with it for a while, follow the rules… and enter the metabolic Nirvana of ketosis!

Then one day, a waiter stops by the table with bread… a co-worker orders a dozen pizzas for the company meeting… or someone shows up to a party with a tempting tray of desserts.

They give into temptation… fall out of ketosis… and soon resume their old ways.

That’s why you made a VERY WISE DECISION to invest in Keto Breads!

(And you’ll soon learn about its companion book, Keto Desserts)

When you can enjoy absolutely delicious – and 100% ketogenic – bread, pizza, cakes, cookies and more… your temptation to “cheat” will be gone!

But this is not the ONLY reason why people fail to achieve the incredible benefits of keto.

Here are four more common keto pitfalls that could sabotage your success…

“I Don’t Know What Kind of Meals to Make…”

Most people don’t know what kind of meals to make – or struggle with the time and effort to plan and prepare food.

Instead of deeply-satisfying REAL MEALS, they pour fat all over everything or fill their day with butter coffees and “keto junk foods”. Others treat keto as the All-You-Can-Eat Bacon Diet. And if it’s not bacon, it is oils, butter, nuts, cream and cheese.

These foods can be fine, but they should be PART of your meals – not your entire meal!

Eating this way makes it easy to consume too many calories. Without nourishing and satisfying REAL MEALS, you will end up overeating… and bored!

“Tracking Macros is Too Much Work…”

You know you need to avoid excess carbs on keto… but it’s not just carbs to watch out for!

Eat too much protein and it turns into glucose (a process called gluco-neo-genesis). That’s right! “Keto-approved” bacon, pork, sausage and steak can kick you out of ketosis – just like a sweet dessert!

And too little protein can cause you to break down muscle…

That’s why it is VERY important to keep track of your net carbs and the ratios of macronutrients to one another. But tracking your “macronutrient ratios” can be REALLY difficult and time consuming!

Some people use a spreadsheet or calculator. However, most people just don’t have the time or ability to keep track.

But if you don’t keep track of your macros, you might not be eating a ketogenic diet at all… and you won’t get the results you’re looking for!

Nutritionally Deficient Plans Worsen the “Keto Flu”

Healthy fats help to power your brain, build hormones, quell inflammation and prevent disease… but you also need a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and zoonutrients.

Many people eat the same things over and over again on keto – adding GOBS of fat and dairy to everything – while neglecting key micronutrients.

And when you consider that 9 out of 10 people are already deficient in vital nutrients, this can lead to impaired detoxification, weakened immunity, bone loss, faster aging, low energy, poor mood and greater risk of disease.

And it makes the so-called “Keto Flu” much worse!

If you want to sustain any diet, you need a variety of quality meals that meet your nutritional needs… AND delight you with a medley of flavors, so you never get bored!

Junk Science & Many Programs are NOT Keto!

Search the term “keto diet” and you’ll find millions of results.

And while some information and programs are superb – there is a LOT of marketing hype… misinformation… junk science… and false promises!

Let me give you an example…

Our company, Healing Gourmet, is one of the world’s leading recipe developers. Over the last 20 years, we’ve published more than 2,000 healing recipes.

We also developed a program to calculate nutritional values for recipes (including more than 40 nutrients and micronutrients, down to the microgram). Within minutes, I can calculate highly detailed nutrition facts for any recipe.

I can tell you that MANY “keto recipes” and keto diet programs… are NOT EVEN KETO!

They add fat to everything – and magically call it “keto”!

Ketogenic recipes and meal plans require a specific ratio of protein, fats and carbs… and the carbs must be below a certain level.

Following a bogus program may give you false hope – but you will NOT get the results you’re looking for!

The great news is you can easily avoid these common keto pitfalls.

And you can achieve the incredible benefits of a fat-burning metabolism… without giving up the classic meals and comfort foods you love!

Introducing the Done-for-You
SOLUTION that Makes Keto EASY!

If you want to succeed on any “diet” or health transformation… it has to be sustainable.

  • It should be delicious…
  • It should not require superhuman willpower…
  • It should not add complexity and stress to your life…
  • And above all, you should enjoy the process.

If it’s not delicious – and at least a bit of fun – you just won’t last!

Unfortunately, for the vast majority of people who’ve “tried keto” – this has NOT been their experience.

That’s why Healing Gourmet developed a NEW approach to the ketogenic diet…

After more than a year of research – and hundreds of hours of development – we created a Done-for-You Solution to get better results on keto… while saving timesimplifying your life… and enjoying a wider variety of delicious meals!

The Keto Solution Program
Your 28-Day Fast-Track System for
Rapid Fat Loss & Optimal Health!

The Keto Solution™ is a five-part program – scientifically designed to transform your metabolism to a perpetual fat-burning state.

The program includes a Ketogenic Meal Plan nutritionally analyzed to the microgram – along with recipes, hand selected for their ease of preparation, restaurant-style quality and nutritional diversity.

But what you get is a LOT more than a meal plan!

The Keto Solution™ is a step-by-step blueprint. It covers everything you need to know and do during your critical first four weeks on keto – so you never have to figure things out on your own.

It’s quite common for people to lose 15 – 20 pounds during their first month on a well-structured ketogenic meal plan… without nagging hunger and cravings!

And the benefits extend well beyond better health and rapid fat loss, because…

The Keto Solution™ also includes a “Secret Weapon” to make your life easier – saving you HOURS each month and slashing your time in the kitchen by 75% or more!

I’ll show you how it works in a moment, but first have a look at everything you’ll receive…

Are You Ready for the Profound
Health & Fat-Burning Benefits of Keto?

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In a moment, I’ll explain EVERYTHING you get when you order today – PLUS: how you can save hours in the kitchen while following a 100% ketogenic diet!

But first, please consider the major benefits of this extraordinary system.

The Keto Solution™ Program is a
Complete Protocol – With Four Powerful Benefits!


Every meal in The Keto Solution is designed to meet the “Magic Macros” – including the healthiest sources of fat, the right amount of protein and nutrient-rich, low-glycemic carbs from fresh, colorful vegetables. That means you will NEVER have to wonder if you’re getting the proper macronutrient ratios to achieve ketosis!


We track everything – so you don’t have to! You get a complete daily nutrition report – including 40+ nutrients, macronutrient ratios, and the amount and types of fat. No spreadsheets, calculators or counting grams of protein, fat and carbs. Just follow along to get ALL the metabolic advantages of keto… without the time and effort!


Your plan is designed for Nutritional Ketosis – the state where ALL your nutritional needs are met, while your metabolism is in fat-burning overdrive! Every Multivitamin MealTM includes an array of age-defying and disease-preventing nutrients – not just gobs of fat! You will enjoy REAL MEALS that are truly satisfying… AND deeply nourishing!


Keto does NOT have to mean random “fat bombs” and boring bun-less burgers with avocado! We serve up a variety of restaurant-style meals that are fast-and-easy to prepare – and so delicious, your friends will be impressed and your family delighted. That way, you’re never bored, never hungry… and always in ketosis!

One of the greatest benefits of the Keto Solution is a “Secret Weapon” that could slash your time in the kitchen to a FRACTION of what you spend today!

That might sound hard to believe, so let me explain how you can…

Get BETTER Results on Keto and
Spend 75% Less Time in the Kitchen!

Ever since I could grab a step-stool and help in the kitchen, cooking and baking have been my passions.

And while I truly enjoy cooking – as a mother and business owner, I also have a VERY busy life outside the kitchen.

I don’t want to spend any more time preparing food than I have to.

I’m sure YOU feel the same way.

The key to kitchen sanity – and truly enjoying every meal – is proper meal planning.

And I don’t mean the “Make-Something-from-Scratch-Every-Night” kind of meal planning that leaves you feeling like an exhausted short-order cook!

Wanna Save Serious Time in the Kitchen? Cook Twice – Enjoy Six Delicious Meals!

When I set out to create the #1 Guaranteed Keto Solution…

My goal was to create MORE than simply the easiest (and most delicious!) way to enjoy a 100% ketogenic diet and the fastest path to nutritional ketosis.

I also wanted this program to make your life EASIER!

I wanted it to bring you a wide variety of restaurant-style meals… and to ensure even the most novice home chef can easily make these impressively delicious meals.

Finally, I wanted The Keto SolutionTM to save you SERIOUS time in the kitchen and the store!

To achieve my objectives, we engineered the most intelligent way to plan and prepare meals to put…

Hot-and-Healthy Keto Dinner on the Table
With NO Cooking Most Nights!

Of course, you could make enough food to have “leftovers” a few nights each week.

Then you’re always eating the same thing, over and over again…

But what if you could transform easy recipes into reimagined meals… with totally new flavors to boost the Freshness Factor and ensure you never endure Taste Bud Boredom?

Eating this way increases the enjoyment you experience… it boosts the variety of nutrients in your diet and…

It can save you HOURS in the kitchen!

Let me show you how it works…

Each week, your plan features two easy-to-prepare “Primary Meals” marked with a green stockpot icon and the number 1.

Each Primary Meal includes enough to make two NEW and totally different “Secondary Meals” marked with the number 2.

That way, you will cook just two nights a week – and still get to enjoy six delicious dinners!

On the remaining day you can cook another meal from your plan… or go out to dinner with the time and money you saved!

Cooking this way also reduces clean up time, as you typically need just one pan for secondary meals.

Because each Primary Meal is the foundation for three totally different dinners – we call this feature Meals Cubed™.

I thought it would be simple to build this feature into The Keto Solution, but it was far more complex than I expected!

Selecting the delicious 100% ketogenic recipes is easy…

The hard part is the MATH to ensure your Weekly Shopping List includes the EXACT amount of ingredients to create each Primary Meal – with the perfect amount left over for new Secondary Meals.

I actually hired a PhD in Applied Mathematics to write the algorithm that makes Meals Cubed™ possible!

But you don’t have to worry about ANY of that, because it’s all done for you.

All you have to do is follow the simple step-by-step blueprint and enjoy the delicious results!

And to make your life even easier…

The Revolutionary Kitchen MagicianTM
Does Most of the Cooking for You!

You will make most Primary Meals in the Instant Pot electronic pressure cooker.

And don’t worry if you don’t have one – we also provide easy alternate cooking methods.

If you’re not familiar, the Instant Pot is the best-selling kitchen tool over the last five years. It’s available on Amazon for less than a hundred bucks – and will pay for itself MANY times over!

It has become wildly popular for helping average home cooks produce extraordinary meals in a FRACTION of the time it would take using other methods – and because it’s so easy to use.

Think of the Instant Pot as your Kitchen Magician™ – because it does most of the cooking for you. Just place the ingredients in the vessel, close the lid and push the button!

It’s really that simple – and it cooks food faster than ANY other method. You can easily turn a whole chicken into a fork-tender masterpiece in half an hour… or a large cut of beef or pork into moist and delectable shreds within 45 minutes!

And while dinner is cooking you can get other work done or have fun with the family.

When you combine The Keto Solution meal plan with the Meals Cubed™ system and the Kitchen Magician Instant Pot… it makes the keto diet a breeze AND simplifies your life!

I know this for a fact, because last year…

This Sanity-Saving System Shaved
312 Hours from My Time in the Kitchen!

I used to spend around 10 hours a week planning meals… shopping for food… preparing ingredients… cooking… and then cleaning up the kitchen!

I originally designed the system I’ve just described to bring sanity into my own life.

And I can tell you for a fact – it works!

Using The Keto Solution meal plans and shopping lists… along with the Meals Cubed system I now spend just four hours a week shopping and preparing meals for my family!

That’s a savings of 312 HOURS last year – the equivalent of nearly eight work weeks!

I used that time to get productive work done… to read and write books… to do other important tasks around the house… and to spend valuable time with my husband and son.

Even if you save only a third of the time I did – that’s still more than 100 hours you could apply to other important and more enjoyable aspects of your life.

Let Me Show You How
This Culinary Alchemy Works…


Tonight, you make a Primary Meal of delicious Roasted Chicken with Brussels Sprouts & Romesco Sauce. This meal will take about 20 minutes active time to prepare – and a cooking time of about 30 minutes for the chicken (if you use an Instant Pot).


The next night, you’ll spin the perfectly-portioned chicken from the night before into a Secondary Meal of fragrant, antioxidant-rich Thai Curry with Chicken & Cauliflower Rice. This meal takes about 10 minutes to put dinner on the table!


The following night, you’ll transform the last bit of roasted chicken into another Secondary Meal of Keto Kale Chicken Caesar Salad – with a total prep time of less than 10 minutes!

I personally hand selected the meals that are featured in your Keto Solution™ meal plan…

I chose each one for its delicious mix of flavors and ease of preparation.

And while I could describe the complex flavors of the Pork Taco Lettuce Wraps with Pickled Red Onion, Chimichurri & Guacamole… or the delicious Mexican Shredded Beef with Eggs in Purgatory… and I could show you how quick and easy it is to make Keto Dill Salmon Wrapped in Collard Leaves

We both know a picture is worth a thousand words, so please…

Feast Your Eyes on the Delicious
Restaurant-Style Keto Meals You’ll Enjoy…


Please Click the Button Below and The Keto Solution™
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Here’s Everything You Get When
You Start the Keto Solution Today!

Keto Solution Quick-Start Guide ($50 Value)

The Keto Solution is designed to help you achieve nutritional ketosis as fast as possible – and maintain ketosis with the least effort and sacrifice.

It’s also designed for time-saving simplicity!

And to put you on the road to success, we created a condensed Quick-Start Guide with the steps you need to take, plus the essential tools and information to get started right away.

We answer the most common questions and show you exactly how the program works, so you have everything you need to begin.

All you have to do is follow along for guaranteed success!

Keto Solution 28-Day Meal Plan ($100 Value)

A study published in the Journal of Obesity states that “The component most responsible for weight loss success is the provision of highly structured meal plans and grocery lists.

And other studies confirm: Time spent meal planning is directly correlated to health and longevity.

It is also the #1 most important factor to your success on keto!

Unfortunately, meal planning takes a LOT of work. You have to find suitable recipes… create the plan… write your shopping lists… then do it all over again next week!

Add the requirements for keto on top… and it can be an unbearable burden!

The Keto Solution provides all the health and time-saving benefits of a 100% ketogenic meal plan… without spending a minute doing the planning!

You receive an easy-to-follow guide with the lineup of your meals for the next four weeks. Your plan is featured in a beautiful weekly format you can put on the fridge – so at a glance you’ll know what’s on the menu today… and the week ahead.

And with the Meals Cubed feature you will also save HOURS in the kitchen!

All you have to do is follow the plan to rapidly enter “nutritional ketosis” – while enjoying delicious, nutrient-dense, real meals!

Keto Solution Recipes Book ($50 Value)

Every recipe in your plan has been nutritionally analyzed to meet the macronutrient ratios of the ketogenic diet – to help you achieve ketosis as quickly and reliably as possible.

Each recipe has also been hand-selected for its delicious simplicity and ease of preparation. Most take just 10 to 15 minutes of active time to prepare – even for the most novice home cook.

Every recipe in your plan is conveniently featured in a beautifully-designed compendium with the simple step-by-step instructions.

And best of all… you’re going to LOVE every delicious bite of these restaurant-style meals!

Your family will never know they’re “eating keto” as they go back for seconds.

Keto Solution Weekly Shopping Lists ($50 Value)

The average household spends 70 minutes a week in the grocery store. And we make an average 1.6 trips – usually because we forgot something or didn’t buy enough! [9][10][11]

If you’ve ever walked in to pick up “a few things” and walked out with an empty wallet, you know how those “quick stops” add up!

Not to mention, food purchased without a plan often wilts or we make too much and toss the leftovers, once they’ve gone bad. No wonder the average family of four throws away $1,500 worth of food each year!

Your Weekly Shopping Lists include the exact amounts of every item you need.

So you can make one 30-minute trip to the store, while buying just enough food (and never too much)!

Daily Nutrition Reports ($50 Value)

Do you know whether your “ketogenic diet” actually meets the Magic MacrosTM?

Do you know how much nutrition you’re getting in your diet?

If your body is missing nutrients, your health will suffer. And if you’re like most people, you probably have no idea the levels of nutrients in your diet!

The Keto Solution is designed for nutrient density and diversity.

And because you can’t manage what you don’t measure… your plan includes Daily Nutrition Reports, with a full nutrition panel with macronutrient ratios and amounts and percentages of 45 key nutrients!

So, not only will you KNOW your keto diet is really keto… you will also know the EXACT nutrition you’re getting every day!

Please Click the Button Below and The Keto Solution™
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PLUS: Get Four FREE Bonus Guides
When You Start Today!

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to succeed on keto – starting today!

And to ensure you have every tool you need, you will also receive an additional four free gifts, including…


Keto Comfort Food Breakfasts ($25 Value – Yours Free!)

Most people start their day with junk foods – like toaster pastries, waffles, cereal and drive-thru biscuits!

Of course, high-carb versions of these foods are off limits on keto… and your best options for breakfast (other than skipping it to extend your nightly fast) are foods like bacon, eggs and avocado.

But every once in a while, wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a comfort food breakfast – AND stay in ketosis?

Well, now you can! By making a few simple substitutions with “intelligent ingredients” – you can still enjoy all your favorites, without sacrificing your health!

Inside Keto Breakfasts, discover easy and delicious recipes for grain-free, keto-friendly pancakes, waffles, biscuits, muffins, popovers, eggs benedict and more! PLUS – we include our favorite “BrothfastsTM and hot morning drinks!

And every delicious recipe includes complete nutrition information and macronutrient ratios.


Keto Smoothies ($25 Value – Yours FREE!)

Smoothies are an easy way to enjoy a quick burst of vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Unfortunately, many recipes contain more sugar than a can of Coca-Cola! And be wary of “keto smoothies” too. We’ve analyzed the nutrition – and many are NOT ketogenic!

But you don’t have to give up the convenience of blender drinks…

In this guide, discover the “Base Ingredients” and “Superfood Add-Ins” you can use to whip up sweet and delicious, fat-fueled smoothies that very low in sugar and rich in micronutrients!

Also included are a dozen Creamy & Delicious Superfood Keto Smoothie recipes, designed to meet the ketogenic Magic MacrosTM!


Keto Diet Food List (Yours Free!)

The “rules” of the keto diet are simple… and it doesn’t have to be restrictive.
There are LOTS of nutritious (and delicious) foods you can eat!

And while you will never have to guess about what to eat on the Keto Solutionit is important that you have the knowledge and tools to always make the best decisions!

That’s why we created this at-a-glance Guide for Foods to Include (and Avoid) on the Keto Diet – sorted by supermarket sections for your convenience!


Keto University E-Letter ($50 Value – Yours Free!)

It is not enough to nourish your body… you must also feed your mind!

Over the years, Healing Gourmet has published dozens of deeply-researched and science-backed articles and reports on the profound benefits of keto!

And that’s why your one-time purchase of the Keto Solution also includes our very best research, delivered by email in bite-sized reports to review at your convenience.

The Keto University e-Letter is designed to help you understand the basics of the keto diet and the science behind why it works so well for fat loss… and preventing disease!

You’ll get tips to sustain ketosis… easy and delicious recipes… recommended tools for measuring ketones… and educational guides to assist you on your healthy journey!

Your Optimal Health & Ideal Body
What is it Worth to You?

Imagine snapping your fingers and waking up 28 days from today…

You look in the mirror and see a face that is fresher… leaner… noticeably younger.

You unbutton your shirt and can’t believe your eyes – pounds of flabby fat have vanished!

You experience a level of mental clarity you’ve never felt before… and feel better, lighter and more energetic than you have in years.

Those who’ve experienced this will tell you the feeling is PRICELESS!

And that’s exactly what I promise you today.

When you add up the value of everything you receive, The Keto Solution is easily worth $400 – not to mention the value of your time and the hours you’ll save!

And it’s certainly more valuable than the basic meal plan and set of dietary “guidelines” you might get from a nutritionist or naturopathic doctor – to the tune of $500 or more.

The great news is that…

The Keto Solution is Available at a
Deep Discount if You Sign Up Today!

The entire Keto Solution Program is yours today for a one-time payment of just $37.

That’s less than the cost of a cookbook and a single meal at a restaurant!

And what you get in return is priceless…

When you purchase The Keto Solution™ today and follow the step-by-step blueprint – you have my guarantee it will help you…

  • Burn 12-20 LBS of Pure Fat in Your First 28 days
  • Spend 75% Less Time in the Kitchen (and the Store) than You Do Today
  • Follow a 100% Ketogenic Diet – and Still Enjoy ALL the Foods You Love!

I promise you will look better… feel better… and have more time to enjoy your newfound energy!

Please Click the Button Below and The Keto Solution™
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Click the button above and you will get instant access – so you can get started today!

And your decision comes with absolutely NO RISK, because…

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

If you’re not blown away by the time and money you save…

If you’re not thrilled with the step-by-step program and the easy, delicious recipes…

And if the results you experience do not wildly exceed your expectations…

Just let me know at any time in the next 60 days – and I will happily send you a FULL refund!

Are You Ready to Write
YOUR Keto Success Story?

When it comes to keto, you have three choices…

  1. You can “try keto” without a plan… (and join the 95% who fail or give up)
  2. You could follow another keto program – that might not be keto at all
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